Security Vs Freedom

A few days ago, I wrote a piece on Security vs Freedom. You may have found it here. Unfortunately, while editing the site (an ongoing learning process), I accidently deleted its content.  I would like to think it was an excellent read and will be missed but I may be flattering myself.   The main point of the post was that we must balance security and freedom. Freedom is only made possible by some amount of security as without security in a ‘free for all’ we are forced to constantly fight, defend, and generally act as our own sheriff, judge, and jury. Nevertheless, Security can only be considered OUR security when we choose it voluntarily and we have control over its function. Security forced on us ‘for our own good’ is neither good nor is it security. Instead, it is a form of imprisonment.  Over the coming weeks, I will be posting advice on how to ensure the “security” in our lives is of our own choosing. Nocte Defensor will show how to ensure your own security in multiple domains- cyber, financial, and intellectual.  We, as Americans, need to stop relying on others to secure our domains. We need to demand transparency from those who claim to “secure” us and start seizing control of our security and regain our liberties in the process.