Where We Start

Often, the events in life that seem terrible, that suck, or appear unfavorable elicit the greatest growth. Maybe, its a death of a family member or close friend. Maybe, its the loss of a business. Perhaps, its the loss of your preferred candidate after you’ve spent months campaigning on their behalf. Somewhere, underneath that mountain of suck is growth. Our job as men, as independent Americans, as fathers or husbands is to dig down deep in that rucksack of tools we’ve assembled and find the tool that will help us uncover that growth. That is Nocte Defensor’s mission–To grow. To help Veterans, Husbands, Fathers, Sons, and Good Men further themselves and their families. To support each other when times are tough and when the going is good. Our aim is to grow a community of hardworking, honest, American Men who can rely on each other for help, advice, connections, communication, and support. Together, Without Fear.